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The Event

Collectively, more than $6.1 million has been raised through 57 different 100 Cooks Who Care events across multiple Old National regions to benefit local organizations.

What makes the event so special? Imagine 100 of Vincennes’ most notable leaders (bankers, attorneys, physicians, educators, and business leaders from every endeavor, or anyone who is well known to the public) retreating into their respective kitchens to concoct their favorite dish. After a careful and loving preparation, the chef creatively decorates their serving station, dons their favorite costume in an effort to entice the crowd of friends, family, and fellow community members to take a nibble of their specialty cuisine. The prize: The Golden Spatula and bragging rights for the next year!

The Golden Spatula award is really based on who raises the most money for the beneficiary through “tips” collected, or any other fundraising efforts the chefs can dream up. Did I mention bragging rights?

For the $60 per person admission price, guests at 100 Cooks Who will be treated to a cash bar, a chance to bid on and possibly win a variety of auction items, and all the usual offerings of a non-profit fundraiser in a much more relaxed, carefree atmosphere. At this event they will also have 100 different food options for their tasting pleasure, all while enjoying one of the most extraordinary social events of the year!

Proceeds from 100 Cooks Who Care will benefit the YMCA of Vincennes.